Greta Thunberg

DEDICATION: Episode EF40 is dedicated to Greta Thunberg, a Swedish climate change activist who, at the age of only 16, rattled the collective cage of the previous generations more powerfully than any adult could. 

She was only 15 at the time of her initial protests in front of the Swedish parliament in 2018. Thunberg also did a TEDx talk in late 2018 where she shared her concern and disappointment of how little humanity is doing about one of civilization’s biggest existential threats. Then, in 2019 she inspired two global climate change rallies joined by millions around the world. 

Thunberg is both attacked and lauded from all sides; praised for her boldness and clear vision, but also criticized for her naivete. Close inspection of her opposition reveals the irritation of the powerful to be their unfamiliarity with anyone actually paying attention enough to thoroughly take them to task for gross mismanagement of a critical issue like climate change. Regardless of whether or not you agree with what young firebrand has to say, she has ruffled enough feathers to inspire deeper, broader conversations on this politically divisive topic which has thankfully engaged the next generation; the unlucky ones who will inherit this mess. Thunberg has taken a beating but appears undeterred; no bold social change comes without a cost.

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