Jack Kevorkian

DEDICATION: Episode EF43 is dedicated to Jack Kevorkian, a doctor who was prominent promoter and purveyor of legalizing euthanasia. For most people, his career path made him the embodiment of pure evil; to them he was more of a murderer than a doctor, earning him the nickname Doctor Death. Criticism of Kevorkian’s work usually relates to the thoroughness and inconsistency of the needed physical and psychological patient prep work. Reportedly, some of the patients died inside 24 hours of meeting the him.

Although his license to practice medicine was revoked and legally challenged four times from 1994 to 1997, he was never sued by the families of the deceased. On the contrary, many of them described Kevorkian’s actions as humane and his services critically valuable. This begs the question: how much does the impression and evaluation of evil depend on perspective and intent?

So was Jack Kevorkian evil or good? Or is it possible this is a question without an answer?

Decide for yourself: