oops...slight delay on EF5 release


The release of EF5 is delayed due to issues with our iTunes feed. Although the podcast has been available privately for months for long-time subscribers, it was just released on Jan 1st, 2019 and promoted on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and 15+ other podcast platforms. It wasn’t as smooth as silk, and we made a few mistakes.

This broad exposure also comes with unexpected issues and challenges, including podcast feed issues, spammy comments, broken download links, and other fun predicaments. Some of these require help and intervention from iTunes and other platforms to clean up (which, as you can imagine, can be slow). Growing pains…

Apologies for anyone waiting but the hope is for it be out in 24-48 hours. Thanks for all who left reviews already and for understanding. This link will lead to the episode once it is online.

Scott Ely