DEDICATION: Episode EF13 is dedicated to Paul McCartney. As a founding member of the Beatles, he needs no introduction for most. EF13 is an episode exploring the depths and sources of creativity. Thus, you might assume that the Lennon/McCartney songwriting powerhouse should be enough to justify the dedication. Their career of hard work mixed with seemingly endless creativity resulted in unforgetful pieces of art.

Starting in the Beatles and later moving on with his solo work with Wings, he has continuously created new structures of songs and consistently redefined rock and roll. Either as a Beatles or Wings fan, you might not always like all of what McCartney creates. But it’s hard to deny the talent that’s a result of constant hard work and evolution as an artist.


For fans of the Evolve Faster podcast, you might guess there’s also a more prominent connection causing the episode to be dedicated to McCartney. I’ll give only one hint … there might be a link between the creative alchemy behind one of his most famous songs and the hidden drive of the lead character of Episode EF13.

Here are a few places can find out more about Sir Paul and his creativity, in case you want to find out more about McCartney or the Beatles inventing much of the song structure that underlies rock and roll: