EF1 (Trailer): The Evolve Faster Podcast Trailer (Extended Version)

(EF1) Trailer: The Evolve Faster Podcast Trailer (Extended Edition)

PLAY | DOWNLOAD Life can feel like a roller coaster you didn’t choose to ride. Being alive is a short and amazing adventure. But it can also be really hard to know how to live, how to be happy and now not to hide from that mother of all existential questions...What in the hell am I supposed to do? More...

Evolve Faster – Philosophy Podcast

Evolve Faster is a podcast blurring the line between philosophy, psychology, physics, and storytelling. Through creative writing and fictional characters inspired by people like you, the podcast digs into topics like existence, modern technology, creativity and more. Albert Camus said that “Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.” So in a world filled with as many lies as beautiful truths, what better way to discover both than through stor?

Into The Rabbit Hole

SHOW NOTES: See the EF1 Show Notes for details of the dedication, inspirations, references, selected quotes and more.

ABOUT THE EVOLVE FASTER PODCAST: Everything is changing, yet the questions that drive us remain the same. Will humanity face the absurdity of our collective existential crisis in time? Join Scott Ely as he takes us deep into the rabbit hole with philosophical tales to reboot your mind, upgrade your life and explore your soul. To Evolve Faster is to see the fact that you will die someday as a formidable challenge, instead of a source of immense fear. Create your reality…before it creates you. Isn’t it time for an upgrade? More episodes…

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