EF43 (S2-E4): Evil Urges: The Fiery Duality of Human Nature

Evil Urges: The Fiery Duality of Human Nature

EF43 (S2-E4): Evil Urges: The Fiery Duality of Human Nature

PLAY | DOWNLOAD The urges of human nature are like fire: they can cook your food or burn your house down. Is evil perceived consistently across people, or should the situation, culture, and individual psychology have a say in its characterization? And does this help define what is evil? More...

The big question driving episode EF43 is … why do we have evil urges?

Michael Fleming, a crestfallen journalist, interviews an infamous euthanasia doctor named Dr. Theodor Payne. Initially, Michael’s goal appears to be proving that Payne’s deeds are pure evil, with the implication that he should be prosecuted for performing over 1,000 assisted deaths. But as the two men collide, the line between good and evil becomes blurry, and hidden agendas become clear. Will the nature of evil be revealed?

We’d like to think it should be easy to identify who, or what, is evil. Occasionaly, the distincion is simple; if you commit a violent act of murder without cause and have ill intent, you’re evil. But as we move away from obvious malicious acts, and multiple nuanced perspectives are revealed, it becomes increasingly difficult to characterize such things either pure evil or true good. Friedrich Nietzsche theorized that good and evil aren’t separate entities, but different actions driven by the same needs and impulses. How do we rationally act and override our snap judgements in order to give proper attention to decide what is, or isn’t, actually evil?

Into The Rabbit Hole

SHOW NOTES: This episode is dedicated to Jack Kevorkian. See the EF43 Show Notes for details of the dedication, inspirations, references, selected quotes and more. 

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