EF44 (S2-E5): Reality Unchained: Smashing the Icons of Social Delusion

Reality Unchained: Smashing the Icons of Social Delusion

EF44 (S2-E5): Reality Unchained: Smashing the Icons of Social Delusion

PLAY | DOWNLOAD Society and culture can be shackles locking us in a mental prison cell. Iconoclastic thinking is a sure way to break the chains and reveal the truth, but it is risky. Does this make ‘why this stuff and not some other stuff’ the most dangerous question you can ask? More...

The big question driving Episode EF44 is … why this stuff and not some other stuff?

Sam Payne is a renowned physicist investigating the nature of reality at an advanced particle accelerator. Immediately after making a groundbreaking discovery, the research mysteriously gets shut down. Without a team or a lab, Sam’s life’s work is at risk of disappearing behind chained doors. But as Sam is forced to decide if willing to break the chains on the ‘stuff’ of this reality, things continue to get even more perplexing.

Life in society imposes rules you are expected to follow. Some rules exist to keep society from devolving into anarchy. Yet upon deeper reflection, it’s clear that many other rules are arbitrary and designed to either limit your possibilities or enable a select few to profit. Only the iconoclasts of our civilization command the fearless vision to ask one of the most dangerous questions: ‘Why this stuff and not some other stuff?’ It is a unique quality — possessed and acted upon by rare individuals like Copernicus, Thomas Paine and Charles Darwin — which usually results in the iconoclast burning at the stake during their lifetime, and then, revered in retrospect.

Into The Rabbit Hole

SHOW NOTES: This episode is dedicated to Michio Kaku. See the EF44 Show Notes for details of the dedication, inspirations, references, selected quotes and more. 

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