Michio Kaku

DEDICATION: Episode EF44 is dedicated to Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist known for being one of the founders of string field theory. If string or M-theory turns out to be true and experimentally provable, Kaku and his contemporaries’ work might someday enable humanity to travel between universes. While promising, these theories also smash the icons of many conventional views of the world, potentially including broadly accepted scientific worldviews like the Big Bang.

So being an iconoclast like Kaku isn’t just having the skills and dedication to challenge the status quo with bigger and better ideas; it’s also about being brave enough to accept the extreme friction of going against the grain and willingness to accept reputation loss if it fails. It also takes a bold vision and perseverance to spend an entire life and career trying to create theories of everything that relate to mysteries of the universe that humanity might never solve.

But you don’t have to be a physicist to iconoclastic actions. The world is hungry for iconoclasts who are brave enough to ask why this stuff and not some other stuff?

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