Isaac Asimov

DEDICATION:  Episode EF8 is dedicated to Isaac Asimov, a prolific scientist, and writer known for his dedicated work and the ability to create speculative stories of science fiction which continue to become true to this day. Asimov is known as one big three science fiction writers alongside Arthur Clarke and Robert A. Heinlein.

Asimov’s work kickstarted a whole new fictional genre that explores the future from a present point-of-view. It’s incredible that although his work is more than half a century old, it still leaves a lot of food for the thought. Many ideas born from Asimov’s mind and later put on the paper are only now starting to shape in real life. 

Unlike with Orwell’s work, where for most of the ideas we hope they don’t become a reality, Asimov’s work is different. It’s hard to say if we want it to happen or not. He’s one of the true original speculative fiction writers to envision global video calls, self-driving cars, and, of course, artificial intelligence with questionable morality.


Although Isaac Asimov doesn’t inspire a particular character in EF8 as a person, if it weren’t for his work, EF8 might have a less interesting premise and name for the episode’s identity-changing drug.

A broken compass is the worst thing that can happen when trying to navigate through rough emotional waters. And is there a more dangerous open water than the ocean of life itself, where the compass of your identity is likely the only thing keeping your ship’s hull together? For the EF8 Episode protagonist, she’s way off course and the compass doesn’t seem to work at all.

I highly suggest you give Asimov’s fiction a read: