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(EF35) BTP-EF12: Cryptocurrencies Gaming and Leveraging Failure to Help Us Define Who We Are Behind the Podcast of Episode EF12


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Episode EF35 Summary

Spoiler alert: You’re about to listen to a Behind The Podcast  (BTP) of Episode EF12, which was Season 1, Episode 10 of the Evolve Faster Podcast titled Wired to Fail: Leveling Up in the Game of Life.  The driving question of this episode (and this BTP) for you to think through is … What defines us? It’s a fascinating question that actually has surprisingly little research or philosophical investigation.

As a reminder about Episode EF12: Infuriated by the risk-averse approach of his company, Vihaan Raid decides to design his latest game on his own. A widely renowned game developer known to the gaming world as “Koji,” believes he can entirely change how humans see life with his radical new video game concept. He teams up with a respected psychologist to make sure his vision will manipulate the human psyche as he suspects it will—a critical factor to the game’s potential. As Koji slowly reveals secretive details of his mysterious concept, Isaac becomes more and more suspicious of the game’s true intentions.

The tenth episode of the first season of the Evolve Faster Podcast Episode is driven by the big question What defines us? Success, failure and fear and the 3 main ingredients that define what we are and what we can and will be. But how much freedom and power do we have at controlling how much of each ingredient goes into the pot?

To peek behind the curtain of Episode EF12, we’ll dissect the following submitted questions:

  • Why this question (what defines us)?
  • Who is Koji modeled after?
  • You go back to explaining Mule. Is the patient Koji and Isaac are discussing, Lisa from A4?
  • Is this an actual game? Could cryptocurrencies be used for a game like this, besides the implant part?
  • What is Koji’s REAL 10% answer if he lied the first time?
  • Where is the Old Man fable fable from?
  • And more…


DEDICATION:  Episode EF12 is dedicated to Hideo Kojima. A revolutionary game designer who’s continually changing the gaming industry and bringing video games to new, unmapped territories.

Kojima is the creator of some of the most successful video games in history. Starting his career back when the gaming industry was relatively new, his peers discouraged him for straying into unknown waters. After stacking up multiple failures in the late ’80s, finally Kojima’s game Metal Gear became a huge success.

The most fascinating thing about Hideo Kojima is his will to constantly break new grounds, no matter the risk. Even now, long after Kojima secured himself a seat amongst the greatest game developers, he isn’t settling down. Usually, each next generation is the one that brings a new revolution in a specific industry. But, in this case, Kojima’s dominance is spilling over.

Shortly after quitting Konami, the video game company Kojima helped to build, he announced Death Stranding, which came out in early November of 2019. Just like his previous work, the game broke new ground by entertaining, confusing, and shocking the audience. The most important factor is that to Kojima, failure or success seems to be just one of the risks of evolution that he doesn’t seem to care about.


You might already know that although what we do with our minds defines us, there’s more to the puzzle. Kojima’s work spanning over two decades defines him as a master game designer. But what specifically led to him defining himself in this way, we may never know. The goal of Episode EF12 was to hope to glimpse into the process via the protagonist of Episode EF12 and see how deep the rabbit hole might go.

Hideo Kojima seems to constantly be on the brink of groundbreaking new work, so if you’re interested at all in video games, here are some more deep dive on him to investigate further:


INSPIRATIONS: Episode EF12 is inspired by Erich Fromm, a social psychologist who focused on researching how we can be better people for ourselves and others. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis and the idea that we’re defined by our childhood toilet habits. Friedrich Nietzsche, a philosopher who by criticizing other philosophers figured out that good and evil go together. EF12 was further inspired by Bennett Foddy, Akira Kurosawa, Pyrrhus of Epirus, Super Mario, Charlie Brooker, Isaac Asimov, Elon Musk.



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(EF35) BTP-EF12: Cryptocurrencies Gaming and Leveraging Failure to Help Us Define Who We Are Behind the Podcast of Episode EF12

The strategy was in place and the plans in motion. There was nothing that could stop what he’d started—or what was yet to come—even his disappearance from the face of the earth.

(EF35) BTP-EF12: Cryptocurrencies Gaming and Leveraging Failure to Help Us Define Who We Are Behind the Podcast of Episode EF12

Retrospect on how many times you’ve stopped learning something because you failed. Was that the real failure? Or was the fact you gave up the failure?