EF35 (BTP-EF12): Cryptocurrencies, Gaming and Leveraging Failure to Help Us Define Who We Are — Behind the Podcast of Episode EF12

(EF35) BTP-EF12: Cryptocurrencies Gaming and Leveraging Failure to Help Us Define Who We Are Behind the Podcast of Episode EF12

EF35 (BTP-EF12): Cryptocurrencies, Gaming and Leveraging Failure to Help Us Define Who We Are — Behind the Podcast of Episode EF12

PLAY | DOWNLOAD The human mind is engraved with a false belief that success is heaven and failure is hell. Sigmund Freud believed our unconscious thoughts and desires define us. So maybe, heaven is a place where the unconscious desires define us, but not control us and hell… well, just look at the commercials. More...

Episode EF35 Summary

Spoiler alert: You’re about to listen to a Behind The Podcast  (BTP) of Episode EF12, which was Season 1, Episode 10 of the Evolve Faster Podcast titled Wired to Fail: Leveling Up in the Game of Life.  The driving question of this episode (and this BTP) for you to think through is … What defines us? It’s a fascinating question that actually has surprisingly little research or philosophical investigation.

As a reminder about Episode EF12: Infuriated by the risk-averse approach of his company, Vihaan Raid decides to design his latest game on his own. A widely renowned game developer known to the gaming world as “Koji,” believes he can entirely change how humans see life with his radical new video game concept. He teams up with a respected psychologist to make sure his vision will manipulate the human psyche as he suspects it will—a critical factor to the game’s potential. As Koji slowly reveals secretive details of his mysterious concept, Isaac becomes more and more suspicious of the game’s true intentions.

The tenth episode of the first season of the Evolve Faster Podcast Episode is driven by the big question What defines us? Success, failure and fear and the 3 main ingredients that define what we are and what we can and will be. But how much freedom and power do we have at controlling how much of each ingredient goes into the pot?

To peek behind the curtain of Episode EF12, we’ll dissect the following submitted questions:

  • Why this question (what defines us)?
  • Who is Koji modeled after?
  • You go back to explaining Mule. Is the patient Koji and Isaac are discussing, Lisa from A4?
  • Is this an actual game? Could cryptocurrencies be used for a game like this, besides the implant part?
  • What is Koji’s REAL 10% answer if he lied the first time?
  • Where is the Old Man fable fable from?
  • And more…

What defines us?

The big question driving Episode EF12 is … What defines us? What have you done in your life that makes you feel proud? Although it can be anything — from having a satisfying job to a blossoming relationship with a person you love, we often don’t know what defines us. It’s not as easy as its three simple words imply.

Put another way, if you had to give up everything in your mind and only rebuild it with 10% of what’s currently in it, which parts would you consider worthy of keeping? And is it the contents of our minds or our actions that define us? This is a question deeply pondered by the world’s philosophers and the protagonist of Episode EF12 is plagued by a grandiose vision of how we might find an answer to this age old question for everyone.

Into The Rabbit Hole

SHOW NOTES: This episode is dedicated to Hideo Kojima. See the EF35 Show Notes for details of the dedication, inspirations, references, selected quotes and more.

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