EF2 (Intro): Life is a Near-Death Experience (Welcome to The Evolve Faster Podcast)

(EF2) Intro: Life is a Near Death Experience Welcome to The EFP

(EF2) Intro: Life is a Near Death Experience (Welcome to the Evolve Faster Podcast)

PLAY | DOWNLOAD George Carlin joked that life is a near-death experience. But what if this clever wit is actually concealing the meaning of life itself? And if you could access this truth using some tricks to completely reset your mind, life and soul, would you have the guts to do it? More...

What if You Could Reset Everything?

The big question driving Episode EF2 is… What if you could reset everything?  If an opportunity came along that allowed you to completely reset your life and start all over again, would you do it? When you sum up everything in your life, would a complete reset come as a blessing or a curse?

Let’s take it a step further. What if you could take the rest of the world for the ride with you? All the way back to the very start — to the big bang or whatever the hell came first. Although reset won’t likely come in the form of a button-push, what if significant changes to your life were only a mindset-shift away?

Episode EF2 Summary

Same as every day, you’ll wake up faced with the ability to take several high-stakes gambles—change the world, change yourself or do nothing—three core options that are always right at your fingertips. The problem is you’re most likely on auto-pilot and not consciously aware of this potential you have each day. So instead, you will probably take another step into the comfortable yet dark cave of dissatisfaction; it’s safe, but also tightly shut with a limited supply of air.

But what if things were different? What if all it took to make a major change in your life was a simple push of a button? Would you do it knowing a simple motion could change everything, at the cost that it might also plunge you into the great unknown? What does it take to make such a broad yet straightforward action…bravery, or despair?

In this introduction to the Evolve Faster Podcast, we’ll ride an hour-long roller coaster of a thought experiment designed to challenge your normal modes of conscious life experience. We’ll look at a psychological tendency that makes it difficult for you to break out of the mental auto-pilot in which you rarely acknowledge the fact that you could die around the next curve. Next, we’ll investigate what it means to Evolve Faster as a metaphor for personal and societal change. Finally, we’ll examine where the podcast will go from here into the regular seasons–groups of 10 (or so) themed episodes, written and produced in a unique fiction-meets-nonfiction format.

So buckle your philosophical seatbelt, pull down your psychological shoulder harness and lock up your kids (ok, don’t do that). Hope you’re ready to see how well your stomach can handle this existential joyride of exploring some of the foundational content for the podcast. The other goal is to prepare us for the upcoming Season One of the Evolve Faster Podcast.

into the rabbit hole

SHOW NOTES: This episode is dedicated to George Carlin. See the EF2 Show Notes for details of the dedication, inspirations, references, selected quotes and more. 

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