EF3 (S1-E1): All Aboard the Experience Machine: Destination…Unknown

(EF3) S1-E1: All Aboard the Experience Machine: Destination…Unknown (Season One, Episode One)

(EF3) S1-E1: All Aboard the Experience Machine: Destination…Unknown (Season One, Episode One)

PLAY | DOWNLOAD The journey to living a meaningful life can feel hopeless, like riding a train through the wilderness at night. But if there was an autopilot track that guaranteed a happy life, would you take it? Would this solve the nagging “What am I supposed to do” riddle? More...

What Am I Supposed To Do?

The big question driving Episode EF3 is… What am I supposed to do? You can’t say we get to choose if we want to live this life or not. One day you’re born, and that’s it – your journey starts with zero preparation. Life is like playing guitar in some super complex jazz band – you have to figure things out as you go. Thus, it’s natural we don’t know what the heck we’re doing, and we get lost. Should I go to college? Maybe pack my bags and travel? Should I leave everything behind and start fresh? Because really, what are you supposed to do?

There are only a few people born with the talent to play the guitar of life, but what about the rest of us? What should you do to get what you want? Even worse, what is that you want? Sometimes, life can be a big quiz that only has questions, but almost no answers. Nevertheless, the questions you ask are more valuable than you might think. It’s the constant questioning you do that moves you forward even when you feel glued to a single place. All you need to do is accept the ride.

Into The Rabbit Hole

SHOW NOTES: This episode is dedicated to Robert Nozick. See the EF3 Show Notes for details of the dedication, inspirations, references, selected quotes and more. 

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