EF9 (S1-E7): I Feel, Therefore I am: Capsized on the River Emotion

(EF9) S1-E7: I Feel Therefore I am Capsized on the River Emotion The Evolve Faster Podcast with Scott Ely Season One

(EF9) S1-E7: I Feel Therefore I am: Capsized by the River Emotion (Season One, Episode Seven)

PLAY | DOWNLOAD Emotions often make life harder; but without them, life would be as bland as rafting in a baby pool. But what if you could control the unpredictable emotional current? Would this mindset help you to be rational even in the undertow of heavy emotions? More...

Can Rationality and Emotions Coexist?

The big question driving Episode EF9 is … Can rationality and emotions coexist? We tend to put people (and ourselves) into two groups: people who are rational, and people who are emotional. So what should you strive being? A rational or emotional person? Rationality is usually more encouraged as too many emotions can blur your mind. But is it that simple?

Emotions motivate even the most rational people. Thus, shutting down one side is like riding a bike with one leg. Although feelings and rationale do come in conflict — with your mind being the arena for the great fight — we need cohesion and acceptance of their collaborative value rather than picking sides in the fight. Only you can know the key to your personal cohesion and harmony. And how can you know anything without experiencing the conflict first?

Episode EF9 Summary

Elliott made a terrible mistake that’s been haunting him ever since. As if rafting through Class V rapids without a paddle, Elliott’s sanity is inches away from crashing into sharp rocks of guilt, shame and sadness. Where do we turn when it feels like our emotions have us hurtling out of control in dangerous waters? And is there any hope for recovery even once you’ve faced the reality of your situation head-on, in light of the power of these emotional currents?

We all have emotions, but what are they and do we need them? David Hume felt we are nothing more than slaves to our passions. And maybe so! Countless theories like the Hurrah/Boo Theory show that we’ll jump onto the emotional bandwagon of the masses almost instinctively. Why? To feel safe. But is there a way to break the secure chains of emotions? Is there a way to rationalize the irrational, reason the unreasonable and be ultimately be masters of our feelings?

Into The Rabbit Hole

SHOW NOTES: This episode is dedicated to William James. See the EF9 Show Notes for details of the dedication, inspirations, references, selected quotes and more. 

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