EF3 Show Notes

DEDICATION: Episode EF3 is dedicated to Robert Nozick, an American philosopher and conceptual creator of the mysterious Experience Machine, one of the more useful thought experiments posed in the last century. Because would a world where you can handpick your experiences indeed be heaven? Or would this scenario be hell, neatly camouflaged in a colorful but cheap package? His other prominent work is Utility Monster, which instructed that even our plans that are born with best intentions could give birth to a dangerous monster. Meaning, it’s not the plan that makes the better tomorrow…but you.

(EF3) S1-E1: All Aboard the Experience Machine Destination Unknown The Evolve Faster Podcast with Scott Ely Season One

EF3 (S1-E1): All Aboard the Experience Machine: Destination…Unknown

The big question driving Episode EF3 is… What am I supposed to do? You can’t say we get to choose if we want to live this life or not. One day you’re born, and that’s it–your journey starts with zero preparation. Thus, it’s natural we don’t know what the hell we’re doing, and we get lost. Should I go to college? Should I leave everything behind and start fresh? Because really, what are you supposed to do?

In EF3, Jonathan finds himself forced between two paths: a meaningful life filled with risky choices, or a safe life full of regret. If only there were a way to make everything simple, like the life equivalent of an autopilot that steers the train through a secure, happy and perfect journey. He has just half a day, however, to find the solution to the puzzle we all face on a daily basis—What’s the right decision? 12 hours, millions of questions and no clear answer.

(EF2) Intro: Life is a Near Death Experience Welcome to The Evolve Faster Podcast The Evolve Faster Podcast with Scott Ely

(EF2) Fear, Change and Failure…Oh My

We fear change because change is hard. And we fear hard things because we might fail. But what if change is good? What if certain kinds of fear are good? And what if failing is actually really, really good? — Evolve Faster Podcast Introduction (EF2)

George Carlin

DEDICATION: Episode EF2 is dedicated to George Carlin, possibly the greatest comedian to make people laugh primarily using depressing facts about humanity. Carlin was proof that great comedians could also be practical philosophers. They just replaced boring city squares and sterile college halls with dirty stages and gigantic piles of weed.