EF2 Show Notes

The big question driving Episode EF2 is… What if you could reset everything? Not often do you get a chance to make a complete reset of everything – the good and the bad. So if an opportunity came along that allowed you to completely reset your life and start all over again – would you do it? At the end of the day, when you sum up everything your current life is – would a complete reset come as a blessing or a curse?

(EF2) Intro: Life is a Near Death Experience Welcome to The Evolve Faster Podcast The Evolve Faster Podcast with Scott Ely

EF2 (Intro): Life is a Near-Death Experience (Welcome to The Evolve Faster Podcast)

In this introduction to the Evolve Faster Podcast, we’ll ride an hour-long roller coaster of a thought experiment designed to challenge your normal modes of conscious life experience. We’ll look at a psychological tendency that makes it difficult for you to break out of the mental auto-pilot in which you rarely acknowledge the fact that you could die around the next curve. Next, we’ll investigate what it means to Evolve Faster as a metaphor for personal and societal change. Finally, we’ll examine where the podcast will go from here into the regular seasons–groups of 10 (or so) themed episodes, written and produced in a unique fiction-meets-nonfiction format.